Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Trip to Durdle Door

Finally finally this term finished, I have time to write something about my trips.
This time I will show you my trip to Durdle Door, It's amazing!!!

You can take a train to wool railway station, which located west of Bournemouth.

I bought ticket to Bournemouth , because Its much cheaper than direct to wool.
I like the style of this kind of train station, it's like Industrial Revolution period.

After the train, take a taxi to scenic spot which costs 14 pounds.
This area is very famous for the white cliff, what is that?

This picture is white cliff. It's a kind of history book.

This picture took from a high point, not far away, there are white cliff.

And this one was took at the same place as previous one, just back sight of that point.
Two small coves, and the color of see is really beautiful, light blue to dark blue.
The black one is algae.

Ok, this is our destination! Durdle Door!!!
This sight is really beauty with that Door. You can also drive your own kayak through it.
Here is a website you can hire kayak:

I think it will be very interesting if you rowing along the white cliff.

Take a close look at it. If someone can fly though it in a acrobatic aircraft, that will be cool.

And we keep on walking to east, and arrived Lulworth cove.
Another beautiful place.

This is Lulworth Cove, there is a tiny village near this cove, I think most of them are fishers.
They have some lobster and crab on their doors.

Here list out some useful links, maybe can help you.
1. Website for lulworth, you can find many information about Durdle Door and White Cliff. and how to get there.
2. Website for kayak:
3. Wiki for Dorest, there are a lot of things to see:


  1. I'm heading out there in a few weeks with my camera so just doing some research, can't wait to go!

    1. em prepare more space for your pictures. really nice place.


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