Friday, March 06, 2009

The Forbidden City 2

This is the follow ups of
The Forbidden City 1

The character in the picture is prounced (xi). It is only used in traditional Chinese wedding ceremony.
It means happiness. The photo was tooken from one of the odalisques' bed room.

The picture shows you the whole sight of the Forbidden City. The white line in the middle of the picture is call the axle line.
It symbolizes the back bone of a Chinese Dragon. If some one "break" it, the country will destruction. (There are many legends)

This is the most interesting treasure I saw. This wrought clock was made by Timothy Williamson for Ting dynasty.
The robot can writes 8 characters "八方向化,九土来王". Unfortunately I had no chance to see how it worked.
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Something not interesting

Parents always over worry about our future. I am the first boy study in the University. It means what? Most of the 80ers know it. We realized our parents' University Dream.
When I first got university, it disappointed me. So I want change, I want to go abroad. This vainly dream make them fervent. They search many long-winded informations and Education Expo on the Internet. They hope me to see and talk with those so called Expert and Foreigners.
I know how expectative they are. But this is my dream, I want to controll it myself. Things run out of my imagine. My aunt joined with my parents. This totally messed up. They all want to help me to realize my dream quickly and "successfully". WTF!!!
This is my dream, it only belongs me! I will try my best to realize it.
=========Boring Wall=========

I spent the weekend with my brothers sisters and a tinny Bear. He is cute, look his picture.
Hope you all have a happy weekend. Mine was ruined early this morning by a phone from my aunt and parents, you know what they had said.

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