Thursday, December 17, 2009


Here comes the most interesting plant, they live by eating animals (not strictly speaking)~

This is Nepenthes Mirabilis(wiki)
I really want to put my fingure into it, try if the liquid has strong causticity, but I gave up.

You can see the name on the sign. (wiki)

I forgot it's name.

This is Drosera Capensis (wiki)
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This plant is called Sempervivum Ciliosum.
From Bulgaria.
The next picture will show you the details of this small plant.

The white ones are new born baby plant. But I think some of them died, because they turned to brown color.

This one looks beautiful, but I forgot the name.

And this is Victoria Cruziana (wiki), the wiki said some of them can hold up to 70 pounds weight!!!
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This is a lemon tree, it looks usual. But if u look at the next picture, you will be amazed.

Look!!! This is my hand and the lemon. It at least 15cm length.
This lemon tree grows in the first greenhouse which located at the entrance of this garden.

I don't know it's name, just take a shoot, because it's cute, to huge leaves with a small "stem"?

This plant named petrocosmea rosettifolia, comes from China.
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Last time I went to Oxford botanic garden, as agronomy student graduate China Agricultural University, I like plant so much.

This greenhouse stand at the entrance of botanic garden. It's very small, and the plant seems not very well.
But there still some amazing plant.

This is the first time I saw such a big well decorated Christmas tree.

The shape of the greenhouses are strange. why they use this shape?

A beautiful corner in the garden.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Oxford Trip --- Harry Potter Dining Hall

Actually it is not as big as I thought, but I think the real sights are much more beautiful than the movie. Because there are tooooooo many travelers, I only took 3 pictures.
This is the whole sight of the dining hall.

These dinner sets are tidily put on the table. Why there are two kinds of spoons and forks for one people. Who can help me what are they used for? thanks a lot.

Yeah, our leading role coming----- the table~

Oxford Trip --- Building

I am still alive after several dead weeks exams. Haven't update my blog for a long time, now I am going to show you some pictures I took from Oxford on 28th November.

This picture took in front of the entrance of Christ Church. I think the only thing in it worth to see is the Harry Porter's dinning hall.

so, this one was took in Christ Church, it's a big square, but the tourists can not walk into it.

I like this picture, I think there must be a story behind this man, but I don't know and the tourists guide does say.

A little horrible, it's a wooden baby.

This is the sign of the Church, maybe some day, I will dig out the story of these beautiful pictures.

This picture took from the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin. It's quite a long name. The view on this tower is amazing!!! You can see 360° of the oxford. Unluckily the weather that day is bad, suddenly cloudy, suddenly shining.

It's getting dark now, and this sundial can now work anymore. I think if people use sundial to find the time, they will be crazy, during the October and November, it's always raining in England, nearly everyday, there is no sun, how can the sundial works?!

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