Sunday, May 02, 2010

Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto --- Food

Finally, I finished all the exams, assignments and essays, left the dissertation, but hand in September.

Easter holiday I went to Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto.
I have a lot of delicious food.

This Barcelona Fruit Market, the fresh juice is really good, If you got there in the morning, normally 1 cup of juice is 1€,and if got there in the late afternoon, you can found 2cups/1€.

Ok, when you arrived spain, you can't miss sea food

This one looks so weired, but! It's very very delicious.Cuttlefish, rice and something else.
Believe me, its very delicious, after you eat it, your tooth will be totally black.

This is the most famous one: Paella

Took a family photo, three kinds of dishes with Sangría

This is Sangría. Some one told me how to make this, the good sangria is made by many kinds of different wines, and add some sugar, fruits in it. So, that's why you can easily get drunk. 

This is a small restaurant in Fruit market, always a long queue and you need to wait.

Luckily, we found a table, and the guys who ate before us were very kind, they gave us their receipt and suggest us to order these foods. It's good, but the meat in small seashells are too small~

This is "pastel de Belém", a hundred years history shop made this, a bit more sweet, 90cent per each, you can served with coffee. 

This is in Porto, a small local restaurant close to a church. And I strongly suggest you to try the second soup, there is a slice of sausage.

 This one is not that impressive, just normal.

And this one is good! if served with rice is perfect, I like Porto rice, tastes like a kind of Chinese rice.

Too much oil, but the codfish is perfect ( I really don't know if there some other beautiful words I can describe this dish, if you know, please let me know. Sorry my poor English)

My friend ordered this, I tried the fish, its codfish, but boiled, the previous one is fried. And the vegetables were boiled.

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