Friday, May 28, 2010

2009.05.03 Brighton 1

The weather is getting warmer and warmer in England, someone told me I can enjoy Mediterranean weather in Brighton. Then I went there to experience the "Mediterranean weather".

This is Royal Pavilion. I didn't pay for entrance and neither entered, I had saw a lot Royal's stuffs they are just look like the same. Luxury tables, chairs, plates, beds and children's toys and so on. I'd rather to enjoy the Mediterranean weather here.

Look back from Royal Pavilion

Finally, I arrived the Brighton Beach. In this picture, this is Brighton Pier. On it, there are a lot carnivals. Fruit machines, roller coasters, and some funny games to win toys.

This road close to beach, looks different from others I saw in UK, I can't tell which style it looks like.

This is Mediterranean weather, 5mins rain then 5mins sunshine. I suddenly remembered a short story I read from New Concept English, which is said an English man moved to Mediterranean wanted to experience the sunshine, but ^_^

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