Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Forbidden City 1

I haven't upgraded my blog for months, durning the winter vocation I went back to my hometown I haven't seen my mam and Dad nearly a year.
A Princeton girl went to Shi hezi University to teach English, she named my hometown an English name : Rockriverton, it dilievers the Chinese name perfectly. Rock=Shi, river=hezi, ton=town. A small town located at the Foot of Tianshan Mountain .
Happiness time always short, I returned to University to finish my last term in it.
I went to Forbidden City again.

This photo was token before the Tianan meng.

This building is Tai he dian. The emperor dealt the fairs of country.

The the Eight Power Allied Force stolen many treasures from the Forbidden city, they scraped the gold from this jar which was gilded.
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